C.A.C.I. Non Surgical

Our C.A.C.I. Synergy system combines the functionality of microcurrent and LED technology to stimulate tissue regeneration and increase the production of collagen in the skin, resulting in visible,long lasting results.

The synergy of these two technologies

is a breakthrough in micro current therapy.

C.A.C.I. facial treatments use S.P.E.D microcurrent LED technology,Orbital microdermabrasion,Ultrasonic peeling and C.A.C.I. unique wrinkle comb (a non- invasive alternative to dermal fillers)

C.A.C.I. Synergy €120

Course of 10
treatments €799

Benefits include

treatment €90

customised after
a skin

C.A.C.I. eye revive €55

Course of 10
treatments €299

Eye revive uses serum filled C.A.C.I.
microcurrent rollers together with a
deeply nourishing Hydro eye mask
to lift hooded eyelids,reduce
puffiness and dark circles and
soften the appearance of fine lines
and wrinkles around the eyes.

C.A.C.I. Lip plump €35

Course of 10 €300

This treatment is excellent for softening
lines around the mouth area and adding
volume to the contours of the lips. A
needle free alternative to injectables.

C.A.C.I. Electro cellulite massage €55

Course of 6 €299

Microcurrent massage helps to break down cellulite and improve the
appearance of thighs and buttocks while lifting buttock muscles.

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