Candela IPL

At Devereaux beauty clinic we have the Candela IPL system incorporating the newest technology in IPL. The Candela Nordlys TM system is clinically proven, safe with effective, long term results.
Treatments include

Photo rejuvenation
(Face,neck,chest and hands)
Correct imperfections and eliminate

-Age spots
-Broken capillaries
-Signs of rosacea and high colouring
-Increase collagen production and decrease fine lines/wrinkles.

Thread veins
With Nordlys, both men and women suffering with thread veins and high colouring can achieve a flawless,even complexion, without side effects

-Thread veins
-Vascular lesions such as port wine stains,broken capillaries,redness,hemangiomas and cherry angiomas

IPL is one of the safest acne treatments available.
The best results are achieved on inflammatory acne skin with red,raised papules.
The treatment slows down the production of sebum while killing off bacteria which causes acne.
IPL can be used in conjunction with prescribed skincare products to optimise results.

For IPL consultations please contact the salon